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  • Dear players welcome!

    This is Bitefight forum for all communities and languages.

    We wanted to create a more active forum and make sure that all information is in one place. Players from all countries will have the possibility to interact directly and will be able to share information easily.

    The old forums won't be switched off directly, and you will have time until (will be posted later) to look up content or copy valuable information. No accounts or posts were imported.

    Thanks for your understanding and see you in our new forum coming soon.

    Best regards,

    Mika CM

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  • Dear community,

    The old forums will say their final goobye next week on Friday, 13.07.2018, on that day the old forums will be removed.

    If there was any information missing from the old forums that anyone would like to save we strongly suggest to do this before the given date.

    Best regards,

    Your BiteFight Team.

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  • Sangha

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