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    In order to get a healthy amount of votes i suggest you push the deadline at least until the end of the month and also write about the vote in the servers so everyone can know about it...

    Sadly, the deadline I was given is this one and not up to me to change it. I'd guess this is due to the fact that we have to schedule things properly and the sooner we get an overview of the players' oppinion the better.

    Sending in-game messages would be ideal I agree, however, that is up to each local Game Adminsitrator (so the GA of each community) to do so, I did my part on mine tho :)

    1. A grande caçada ajudou os jogadores de servidores antigos e servidores mortos, onde não há disputa por nada; para os jogadores de servidores novos e rápidos, foi terrível, principalmente pela duração de uma semana, se fosse apenas no grande fim de semana, mas muitos dias sem lógica, além de esgotar o sistema de busca de caça.

    O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

    Please, stick to English (as stated in our Forum Rules) since you're posting on the English section of this forum :)

    Remember to vote on the polls everyone! You guys can comment and stuff in here but remember I will only count/forward poll votes ^^


    And would be cool if you could randomize the attacks

    As mentioned on my message, as of right now, that won't be possible. We know and understand the frustration about the situation, however, changes to the code of the Great Hunt cannot be done at the moment. I passed on the feedback received about how time consuming/bothersome the current system to pick a server is and I'm sure they'll take into consideration if possible in the future ^^

    Hello Creatures of the Night!

    First we would like to thank everyone for their feedback about the Great Hunt. We will try some adjustments that can be done without updates since updating-chaging the Great Hunt is not possible right now.

    We have created this thread to ask for players' opinion on two main subjects that our players raised comments about, those being:

    Please, scroll down or click on the above mentioned points to access the polls. You may vote once per poll and your vote cannot be changed. Be mindful of it!
    The polls will be closed at the end of the weekend (so on Monday, 27.07.2020 00:00 CEST) and the results will be sent to the company.

    Thanks to everyone who will take their time to share their opinion with us, we greatly appreciate it :)


    Your BiteFight Team.

    Creatures of the Night,


    The Moon has decided to bless her vampire children with some amazing microevents! On 21.07 (from 00:01 to 23.59 server time) the following microevents will be running on ALL our servers and for ALL Vampires:

    +100% AP

    +50% AP Regeneration

    +100% Gold reward in Graveyard

    +50% experience in Grotto (Old BiteFight)

    +50% experience in Demon Hunt (New BiteFight)

    -35% Hellstone Item Costs

    -35% Hellstone Potions Cost

    -35% Hellstone cost in Voodoo Shop

    +100% health points

    As mentioned this event is only for vampires.

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Hi there,

    As I stated on my message here Microevents the microevents running will be only for the servers with the new BiteFight version (those being the ones running with the version 3.2.0) EN-202 is not one of those servers as it is running with the version 2.4.34 (also known as "OLD BiteFight"), therefore, these microevents won't be running on them :)

    Creatures of the Night,

    From 18.07 (00:01 server time) and until 19.07 (23:59 server time) the following microevents will be running on ALL SERVERS WITH THE NEW VERSION (3.2.0):

    +100% Gold Reward Grotto (OLD Bitefight)

    +100% Gold Reward Demon Hunt (New Bitefight)

    -60% Gold Cost Attributes

    +50% Mission Duration

    +200% Mission Reward

    +100% Mission Limit

    Chance to obtain a box (item drop)

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Dear Players,

    Another planned maintenance has been scheduled. It will take place on Wednesday, 22.07.2020. Servers restarts will start approx. at 10:20 (CEST) and will last till approx. 10:45 (CEST).

    Kind regards

    Your Bitefight Team

    And this thread is now closed. Who would've thought, right?

    Thanks to everyone, teamlers and former teamlers alike for being such a lovely bunch of people who can't let others reply quietly so I can forward the feedback without giving me extra work.

    (To those who really replied and followed the simple rules I added to this thread, thanks a ton (without irony). Rest assured your feedback is greatly appreciated and it will be properly forwarded ;))



    deST This is the last friendly warning I will give here: Stop replying to everyone's feedback that goes against what your opinion is. I mentioned it in the past and I will do it one last time: All players are entilted to have their own opinion heard. This isn't a thread to try to convince anyone about believing this or that, it is a thread to listen to all possible opinions about the event.

    If you'd like to discuss anything about this message of mine, do so via Conversation.

    I have removed every single message from this thread that is offtopic or falls into anything other than giving feedback or questions. Please everyone, keep this topic clean :)

    Advocate. I will forward everything. So just post what you think about the event based on what you have played it, what did you like, what did you dislike, how can the company improve the things you disliked and that's pretty much it :)

    kaizera Indeed you are not wrong. We mentioned such thing on here: A statement from the Product Team of BiteFight however, they didn't mention anything about merges and there hasn't been any official statement about it so I cannot say if next time they will focus on merging.

    With all honesty and without being sarcastic - would all these questions & feedback matter? Senakhtenre If so, then please advise how would all these matter and make difference.

    It took us around 6 years to question and feedback before we got this Great Hunt. I am now curious how long our Questions & Feedback will last for before we get another event.

    The feedback is very clear, especially for antique players like me who have been playing for ages: we need to merge servers (at least the servers within each community/country) in order to bring the game back to life. Otherwise, no people - no hellstones, consequently, no money for Gameforge.

    With all honesty? I don't know. My "job" here is rather simple. I make sure that, at least from my side, players' opinions are heard of. There is no clear guideline about how to write your feedback, just type how you felt while you've been playing the Great Hunt and I will forward it. You have any suggestions about how to fix/improve things you didn't like? Drop them too on your message.

    Now, just because I'm asking for feedback does not guarantee anything. I listen to you all, I forward the feedback to the company and then they discuss it with the appropiate people. Only time will tell if Gameforge will do anything (add things-change something) based on the feedback received.

    There is no need for feedback here about anything other than the event running. So no need to go into talks here about server merges, lack of new content and so on so on. We have already enough threads of that subject around :)

    - Some experience errors in the attacking and battle outcome.

    Please do tell your guild mates to forward such problems to the support of their server so they can forward the issues to Gameforge and hopefully get fixed anything that is broken.

    A bit more of details what "error" means will be appreciated by my colleagues on that community :P So perhaps their user name, server-community, the user name of the attacked player and their server-community, the battle, what went wrong and what should have happened will be more than enough for them to at least forward the issue :)

    Also, friendly reminder: This is a thread for people to ask questions-give feedback. Everyone is entilted to their own opinion and if you don't agree that's fine, however, this is not a place to discuss other players' feedback, this is a thread to gather as much feedback as possible to make sure all players' voices are heard.

    Hi there,

    Due to a last minute change this microevent shouldn't have been announced so this is not a bug of the game but rather a mistake from our side. I'm really sorry about that.

    To ensure we cause no further confusion I have removed the message.

    I am really sorry about that.

    Since this is not a bug I will be closing this thread now, however, should you need to tell me anything, do send me a Conversation! :)



    Dear community,

    We are incredibly hyped to announce that The Great Hunt is back!! I have decided to open up this thread to keep all the questions about this event and feedback within a single thread so it is easier to keep track of for both Gameforge and the team.

    If you have any questions about the event as well as any kind of feedback (once the event starts), let us know!

    Please do keep in mind that your comments must follow our Forum Rules as well as to stick to the subject of this thread. Any offtopic/troll/spam message will be removed and proper measures will be taken if needed.


    Your BiteFight Team.

    Get ready creatures of the night!

    The cruel battle that has been raging on for centuries between vampires and werewolves has reached out to all countries with all its ferocity.

    Between 11.07.2020 (12:00 CEST) and 19.07.2020 (23:59 CEST) different groups of counties of the OLD VERSION of BiteFight will battle in the Great Hunt (continue reading for more information on the groups).

    Sharpen your teeth and claws! Fight for supremacy!


    The Great Hunt is an event where you will be able to attack other players on another county and counties on other communities as long as they are within your group.

    Players will be able to attack each other, whether it be through random search or direct search by introducing the nick of a player.

    Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
    NL SK FI

    Happy hunting!

    Your BiteFight Team.