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  • /me wasn't here :P

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  • Hello would like to know how many hit or attacks you can do in one day on new server 21

    • Hello,

      The number of attacks one can inflict/receive on a day (server time) on the speed server 21 are 10, the game won't let you attack more than that number :)

    • well, the game won t let you attack more than that at least. If I m not wrong it used to be different before isn t ?, or Am I confusing gladiatus with it, do I? hahah

    • In the past there was no limit and there was a rule against attacking the same player more than X times, then it was added a limitation in the game (therefore the rule got removed) just like on Gladiatus, this limitation depends on the speed of the server, it is 5 on normal servers and 10 on servers x2 :)

  • A wild and handsome Senak appeared!

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    • Oh wow who do we have here? The cutest and best person that has ever lived on the planet <3 So glad you paid me a visit :3

  • DetalhOlar. Improve this game please, the vampire stories have more advantages than the werewolves lose a lot of live and without much chance of recovering the live, horrible pvp I have more value to combat than the adversary and attributes and level higher and I lose, game please. open more new servers in the old why in the newest round is upar fuck please improve this game I liked it a lot and I was annoyed the and no help in the game .. could have more events, 2018 prizes so for adiate and make more announcements of the game divugar for the Brazilian people I'm Brazilian and I'm lonely in the sad game ........ for the game gets more famous etc ... !!!es

    • 20 double posts in 20 different new threads. 19 Were removed, warn was issued. ~Olaff

  • ozú mi arma!! un Senak <3