Game Rules

    • Rules

      Each player agrees to the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the in-game rules of BiteFight.en by registering. Every violation of the rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the game. Depending on the rule violation, a game administrator can extend the ban to all servers, or all offers connected to Gameforge. A game ban may also be imposed by extension for inappropriate behaviour in the forums or IRC. The team is committed to dealing with all cases of rules violation conscientiously and to the best of their knowledge.

    • Accounts

      Each player may create multiple accounts per server. Should a player have more than one account (multi-accounting) or multiple players use the same internet connection on the same server (IP sharing), then this must be entered into the account settings of all affected accounts on the same server.
      An account is always assigned to the owner of the email address and may only be used by one person. Proxy playing or trading accounts is thus not permitted.

      It is not permitted to create multiple accounts on speed servers.
      IP sharing (max of 2 accounts with the same IP) is only permitted once per speed server.

    • Account Exchange

      The exchange of different accounts between two players may take place every 6 months with the help of a GameOperator.

    • Language

      English is the official language on all platforms of BiteFight.en.

    • Content

      Content and names created by players which cross moral boundaries, violate a person`s dignity or that are in breach of applicable law, or that invoke or link to such content, may be censored or result in the player`s being temporarily or permanently banned.

    • Spam

      Players are forbidden from harassing others by sending messages, in as far as the wish has explicitly been expressed for the player to desist.

    • Abuse of the Rules

      Any attempt at gaining an unfair advantage from the game rules or the decisions of a team member is strictly prohibited.

    • Support and Complaints

      For questions, bugs or complaints, players can contact support via our ticket system at The GameOperators responsible for servers can only be contacted via ticket system.

    • Terms and Conditions

      The Terms and Conditions are supplemented by these rules and must be observed.

    • Final Clause

      If sections or individual formulations of this text are incorrect, invalid or incomplete, the remaining parts of the document shall be unaffected as regards their content and validity.

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