BG server merge ?HELP

  • hi everyone . so here's the problem . bulgarian servers (antique version) are barely protecting on as some distance as lively gamers cross . 30/forty energetic in line with server is what we got and i am being beneficiant . increasingly people are quitting and anyone that i spoke to in current months (maximum of them are totems through now) had no motivation to retain because of the dearth of gamers . fine case situation you may entire a undertaking(now and again) that requires attacks against enemy faction . there's no person to assault , and no one ever assaults you . your searching variety is empty as f$%# x/ there was a thread within the bulgarian forums about an yr ago approximately this trouble and the solution we were given was "yes we are aware about the problem , server-merge is on the to do list..'' seeing that then numerous new servers had been opened.. aaand this is it . so the resources to merge servers are there:/ . has all and sundry else needed to cope with wilderness servers ? what are we able to do to get what we need . actually each unmarried participant of each of the old-model servers desires to be capable of play with/against extra players . can we have to attain a person on top of the ladder (assist) and if so how ?