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    men, did you play in any alive server? im planning to end the sport for one greater time. i were given like 6-7 heroes maximum of them are big levels, however the sport are completely useless. so if there's anywhere, any u . s . a . alive server im up to play with you.

    Did you draw the conclusion of many answers did you got? is it there any alive server?

    Wait, wait, did I say something bad specifically about anyone?

    I was really afflicted which I regret but so much time without any value change makes me really mad.

    and as we can not contact the Dev's team ( it's a team right ? ) everything everything is abandoned i won't comment ticket system too. I can talk with photos if you want but i wont.

    About Bulgarian team did some one of you have check it? our Community manager was innactive for year and half. He just logged in to announced easter event.

    There was a topic about recruiting GO's atm on the whole BG's Team got ONLY ONE, tickets are opening 1 time per 2 weeks ( if you get lucky ) but let's not talk about this.

    The main question is about change's. As i understand you cannot do anything about that you can't tell the dev's do that or something which is very unfortunate so we have only to wait as we see.

    Please, before storming off at people for trying to keep some activity in the forums let's remember something: Everyone from the team (with the exception of Community Managers) are VOLUNTEERS and as such they don't have any part on the development of the game ;)

    Sure, we know that they're not part from development of the game, but they has to be the connection with the development right? You just (

    not you exactly ) you cant ignore importat questions like this. How much topic was about merge not any answer. Can you guys at the end just ask the development what plans about the game they had? i believe we have to know? topic about reporting some one keeps w/o answer for like 3-4 weeks, topic about some suggestion for changes staying same for weeks. But, topics like Mens Vs Womens keeps getting comments rom the GO's , guess who's next?
    Are you sure guys you're trying to keep forum alive with this topics? I believe a real/old players won't even open them. If you wanna keep this forum alive at least you may have to start giving any answers. If you don't have them ask the development team.

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    Can any administrator forward this idea to Gameforge, please?

    They are busy spamming garbage pointless threads to increase their post count on their profiles.

    Like it matters in this semi dead forum anyway.

    Lol no, take a look at the most important topic's > Men vs Women, Guess who is next, let's count to 10 000.
    This is more important from any merging, great hunt, or this great idea, character transfer. They deserver the all of us stop playing buying HS but there is more peoples who will continue and none care....

    Loool, the main idea is the kill game not to bring her alive... If they wanna keep the game alive, thay have to merge servers before 6 years friend...

    Kaizera, can you point me to a thread in Discussion that hasn't received an answer, and that was an actual question?

    As for you wanting a statement or a change, that is really not up to us as a team but up to developers, and we as such can not in any way, shape or form change the game. If you ask us "when is the merge going to happen?" the answer is "I don't know" because I honestly do not. Players will be informed in a timely fashion as soon as we as teamlers know any more information.

    Answering the same thing constantly is also counter productive, hence why not many teamlers talk about merges lately.

    Ok, you're right about that no doubt. But did you ( whole team ) talk with your Dev's? Did they read how peoples are askin about merge, about great hunt more earlier not 2 times per year... Did they do something to keep this game alive? Opening new servers per 60 days isn't the right way for sure. Tell us how we can contact directly those Dev's and we'll spam them about changes, we want changes, we want this game to become alive. Should i start linking a servers? there is servers with ONLY 1 Active peoples this is unreal... Let's try to do something together.

    From my own experience, International thread isn't really getting much attention. But if you have anything that you need about the game, feel free to ask in English section and someone will quickly answer to you.

    For sure, if the topic are , lets count to 1000 or, guess who's next im pretty sure some one will comment below rly faster. But when some one asking about merge, or great hunt who is like 2 time per year none give a answer. Better close this stupid topic's and let's talk about real things.

    Imagine if they start a new server with first version ( oldest one ) 3 Items , no grotto, no story mode, no AP points. If you have shadowlord you can attack in every 5 minets. If you don't 15 minets. With all picture of armors in heroes, farming blood from man hunt... I believe then the game can rise up again. In my option they didn't merge servers becouse they have to pay ( maybe ) to some DEV to work a little bit. So it's more easy to start a new server there will be 1-3 active players fighting for first place and they will buy HS like crazy ( if the server is over 4x )

    Пуснаха нов сървар,а едва има 5-10 активни играчи ... :) Защо им бе тоя нов сървар!?

    Отогова е много прост. Защото ще се регнат 5-10 играчи от който 2-3 ма ще набиват пари да се борят за 1вото място. Така те ще прилапкат пари вместо да платят на някой за да се прави сливане на сървъри или дев отдела им да се занимава с тези глупости. Играта е на доизживяване, не се чудете някой ден ако просто домейна спре да работи.

    Propably just a christmas event and thats it. Maybe some Weekend events aswell..

    If im not wrong 2018 december the whole month was with promotions, i got from that bunch of elexirs and gifts with shadow lord for a day, also HS Gifts like 50 but now... No info, dead forum, weekly gifts only with gold HS are removed.... Didn't do nothing to keep this game alive...


    It's December, as i remmember the past years the whole month was some random promotions, events, before a 2 years if im not wrong, there was massive everyday from demons a gifts like full HP recovery, 50% hp recover, random elixirs, shadow lord for a day ?

    Any news? will we have some gifts? events?