Microevent 13.05

  • This microevent above was supposed to be active from 00:01 but it is still not working.

    Please fix this issue.

  • I also asked what was going on with the event.
    The answer of SGO : " event will run at some point during the day. No one is responsible for some reason the system crashes "

  • This has been reported already.

    Thank you guys!

    You have been neglecting events lately and runnig them regulary late ! Half of the event on friday didn´t work. Why should we be cut short? The last events were also launched late but their time was extended. Reportedly, this particular even cannot be extended. Why? Ih this is not possible, activate it as a new event on sunday .

  • This has been reported already.

    Thank you guys!

    Can you report that 100% of the players on the game they want a merge of the servers? they want a great hunt?

    Any update Maeve ? Give a little hope to the active players that something is being done?

    hello, they dont care about us, we want great hunt, not clicking grotto for xp or gold boost event. Dunno where is the problem ?

    great hunt info ?????????????????????????

  • It would be great to know if there is a Great Hunt in advance or when will be a new merge ... Please, tell GF, that we are expecting any news about the future of the game. Thanks.