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    Creatures of the Night,

    On 24.03 (00:01-23:59 server time) the following microevents will be running on all our servers:

    -30% gold costs for buying attributes

    -30% gold costs for items at the merchant

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Creatures of the Night,

    Starting on 20.03 (00:01 server time) and until 21.03 (23:59 server time) the following microevents will be running on all our servers:

    +50% Gold Reward Grotto (Old BF)

    +50% Gold Reward Demon Hunt (New BF)

    +100% Experience Grotto (Old BF)

    +100% Experience Demon Hunt (New BF)

    +50% regen AP

    +100% Mission limit

    Chance to obtain a box (item drop)

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Creatures of the Night,

    On 17.03 (00:01-23:59 server time) the following microevents will be running on all our servers:

    +150% rewards at the tavern

    +100% max quests at the tavern (max amount of free quests you can have)

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Creatures of the Night,


    The Moon has decided to bless her vampire children with some amazing microevents! On 13.03 till 14.03 the following microevents will be running on ALL our servers and for ALL Vampires:

    +100% AP

    +50% AP Regeneration

    +100% Gold reward in Graveyard

    +50% experience in Grotto (Old BiteFight)

    +50% experience in Demon Hunt (New BiteFight)

    -35% Hellstone Item Costs

    -35% Hellstone Potions Cost

    -35% Hellstone cost in Voodoo Shop

    +100% health points

    As mentioned this event is only for vampires.

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Creatures of the Night,

    On 12.03.2021 (from 00:01 to 23:59 server time) we will be running both a Happy Day and also some microevents so you can put to good use those sweet Hellstones!

    Happy Day:

    +20% when purchasing Hellstones


    -30% Hellstone Cost on items

    -30% Hellstone Cost on potions

    -30% Hellstone Cost on voodoo

    -30% Hellstone Cost on hideout

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Creatures of the Night,


    On 12.03.2021 there will be a Happy Day! Starting at 00:01-23:59h (server time)

    During the course of the Happy Hour you will get +20% more of Hellstones with every purchase you make!

    Don't miss this chance! Get more Hellstones and pay a visit to the VooDoo Shop, get some nice gear at the Merchant or anything you'd like!

    Kind regards,

    Your BiteFight Team.

    Kaizera, can you point me to a thread in Discussion that hasn't received an answer, and that was an actual question?

    As for you wanting a statement or a change, that is really not up to us as a team but up to developers, and we as such can not in any way, shape or form change the game. If you ask us "when is the merge going to happen?" the answer is "I don't know" because I honestly do not. Players will be informed in a timely fashion as soon as we as teamlers know any more information.

    Answering the same thing constantly is also counter productive, hence why not many teamlers talk about merges lately.

    From my own experience, International thread isn't really getting much attention. But if you have anything that you need about the game, feel free to ask in English section and someone will quickly answer to you.

    Considering this is s202 we're talking about, the only x4 server that has multi accounts allowed, perhaps something could be done in regards to rules for pushing/blocking. I will consult my Community Manager about this and let you know about the outcome.

    This has been an issue for years now, but ever since we have other x2-x6 servers which have different rules (no multis allowed, meaning no such issues on those servers) the problem became more prominent and quite frankly it's not fair that you have to suffer from this, while others simply don't have that issue.

    There are 2 solutions to this, one is to disallow multi accounts on s202, but that is not a good option considering many remaining players have multiple high level accounts and that would kill the server,

    second thing is to make this kind of abuse punishable, not only to low level multi accounts doing these things, but to main accounts and clans who are behind these actions.

    As I said, I will let you know once this has been decided upon.

    Nothing said here is definitive as of now and there is also a chance things remain the same, I can not guarantee anything but I will try my best to promptly take care of this issue.

    It doesn't work like that.

    Basic damage is always the same, it depends on your equipment and talents, and gets reduced by your opponents equipment/talents.

    Bonus damage is different against each opponent because there's a formula which is applied when calculating the percentage of bonus damage you have in a fight. How much bonus damage is activated against an opponent depends on the amount of strength you have in opposed to your opponent's endurance.

    Check your battle modifications, if, for example, you have 100 basic damage and 500 bonus damage, when you fight someone you will have 100 basic damage minus the amount your opponent is reducing,

    and you will have % of 500 bonus damage in that specific fight.

    Your strength divided by ( Your strength + opponent's endurance ) = percentage of your bonus damage that is going to be activated

    so, let's say you have 150 strength, your opponent has 300 endurance

    150 / ( 150+300 ) = 0.33 or 33%

    since you have 500 bonus damage, in that fight you will have 33% of 500 bonus damage, which is 165

    In total, you will hit for 100 basic damage and 165 bonus damage = 265 damage

    Then, whatever your opponent reduces goes down from those amounts ( -basic damage (on opponent) reduces only your basic damage, -bonus damage (on opponent) reduces only your bonus damage).

    There is no definite value which can corelate between attributes and basic/bonus modifications in such a way like you asked.

    Strength vs Endurance (bonus damage)

    Dexterity vs Defence (bonus hit chance)

    Charisma vs Charisma (bonus chance)

    If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to help.

    And what exactly is the issue here? Regarding orb costs, are you not aware you also get x4 gold from missions? It's extremely easy to save up to billions of gold during less than 20 days, even more with events!! I myself have had 14 billion gold on my account around the level you specified there, making orbs is the least of anyones problems. Literally 2 missions of 50-100m gold will take care of the orbs for the day.

    Also, no, you don't, as you can only attack those players 5 times, not 20, not whatever speed is in question, FIVE, which the duration of the orbs covers.

    As for totems, I believe it's intended to not take totems from other servers, strictly due to how data bases work, you're only meant to have a totem from your own server.

    As for battle outcomes and what it shows, I already forwarded that issue to anemsalok as soon as i encountered it, which was at the start of event.

    As for different grouping with same server speeds (x4 only with other x4 speed etc) I do not want that nor is that a good path. Players on x1 can only be attacked once per hour, maximum of 5 times per day by same opponent. Yeah, they could get attacked more than usual, by no more than 5 opponents if each of them attacks max number of times (and one of them 4/5), I honestly don't think that's an issue, everyone had so many years to prepare and make good accounts by now, especially those on the top with so little opponents.

    This event brought up a breeze of fresh air into the game.

    However, I do agree with one suggestion here, and that's to make the process of searching for opponents a lot easier, either to check which servers to choose from (only once) and then clicking normal search (across all checked servers) or to simply let the game itself search across all available servers with one click. Everything is better than a drop down menu and manually clicking before each search/attack (especially because there is a bug from old system where there was a chance to find an opponent, not 100% you will find one, even though there are opponents available to fight, meaning now you can try to attack someone on different server, it says no victims found, even though there are). Hopefully in the future.

    The idea is obviously suggested, as everyone wants that for quite some time now. We shall see when and if it happens, also, once we have more information, be sure you'll be notified in time.

    From my personal take, not as a teamler but a player, I believe it's certainly possible we might get some merges soon, considering Great Hunt has been fixed and that was on par with server merges regarding playerbase wishes.

    It's tricky but what I suggest you do, and what I did, is manually check highscore of every server in my attack range, and list players in my battle value range, add it to word or notepad or whatever textedit app you use, and depending on attacking server speed, just copy/paste their names every 15/30/60 minutes and attack. Should save you lots of time and make it easier to attack. The only issue is you have to manually choose a server between every attack, you can't constantly attack same server without manually choosing to do so.

    Hello, I was absent around 30 days or so amd will answer this to you here now.

    Account exchanges that happen without Game Teams authorization are susceptible to indefinite suspension immediately after such parties have been caught. - this is due to T&C violation - it is forbidden to share your personal account information (such as passwords) with third parties without prior authorization from Game Team (and even then the practice is for a Game Admin to change the email and for you to reset the password via and not for other party to give you the password, that option is only when account exchanges are handled by go/sgo).

    Some admins choose not to ban said account due to the state of game and lack of players, but those accounts lose all support from game team if they ever happen to have issues with account theft or other similar problems, and also caught accounts can be terminated at any moment due to T&C violation.

    I hope this clarifies the issue.

    You can and most certainly will get banned for unauthorized account exchange, amd even if you don't, you're still not safe.

    It really isn't difficult to handle it via Support System, and that way each party is protected, account ownership (per se) is successfully transfered and also you can't suffer for previous owner's actions (for example he has been warned/banned numerous times for insulting, and you get the acc, if you insult someone you can get perma ban, while on the other hand if you received the account via support system, that insult is counted as your first and, depending on severity of insult, you can only get a warning.)