Maximum orb level

  • Hi there fellow vampires and werevolves,

    I did some math calculations online on google and I realized you need to be a maximum level of 650 before you can purchase an orb. And the reason why? Because the percentage is really low, at least around 25% before you need to get an orb. Sorry if I am being redundant. Right now I am still at a low level, around 150 and almost at 1900 attack.

    Please give me some feed back as to why it's really hard to obtain orbs. Like at 25% maximum chance. I wish it would have been a whole lot easier to obtain orbs just like with leveling up and getting higher attributes. Those are easy enough. Lol. I am not mad or upset or anything. Because my server that I play on is mostly dead anyway. Which gives me an advantage.

  • I ran seven orbs and received it a totem of +50 force +36 defence Which is the highest totem I’ve seen on any server yet