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    Welcome to English board!

    Since your English is broken, therefore some information may be 'lost in translation' - I will try to break it for you so you can easily understand. I think you digested this topic's comments in a negative way.

    Firstly, we are not pointing the fingers but rather state the facts. Even if it's not a fact, it can be easily understood in a sarcastic way - which makes a logic sense that majority admins are avoiding 'important' topics. Nobody says that admins should not post in topics such as Man vs Women or whatever the topics are called.

    You said that "mergers is no longer to be raised". Tell me the time when this specific point was raised? The answer is never. Yes, we raised million times about merging the servers, however we never raised a point where we have asked Gameforge to let the character move into other server for the hellstones.

    And since this is a forum, I am sure you (as an admin) will understand that this is a community where people can share their thoughts.

    Senakhtenre I do not think there is an intentional storming against admins of this forum.

    When normal forum members, including me, see how admins are avoiding topics that are discussed by members (such as this) - that's what makes majority of 'normal' members angry. You may see how majority of admins are avoiding crucial topics, but instead they are rock and rolling in most useless topics; some of these topics are mentioned by kaizera . I think you are one of few admins who replies to members. So thanks for that.

    I understand that there are admins that are volunteers, however all admins must have a responsibility to be 'people's voice'. With full respect toward admins, if I didn't have enough guts to be an admin and be the voice of people, then I will not get that responsibility at all. However, I understand that some people decide to become an admin just for sake of flashing their status on the forum.

    I am assuming that these 'volunteers' cannot even propose an idea (on behalf of us 'normal members') to Gameforge. That's a shame.

    This idea would be definitely beneficial for players (more fun) as well as Gameforge (more money). Since merging the servers became a taboo consideration for Gameforge, I hope at least they could implement something like this.

    Can any administrator forward this idea to Gameforge, please?

    А кто-то давно-давно обещал нас покинуть навсегда, помнишь? ;)
    Уже и серверов тех нет... А вы всё ещё тут...

    И когда же это уже случиться и можно это будет отпраздновать??? :D

    Не дождёшься. Мы были, есть и будем тут. Быстрее проект закроется, чем мы выпилимся из него. Потому что он в нашем сердце <3

    You are saying planing a battle value as if you are planing you daily meal. We are talking about a game that played by thousands active players. You get battle value even for getting a level. See my character to remind yourself about the level I am at the moment. Neither, I am one of these that will remain on one level for life.

    In regards to newcomers, there are only few of them and mainly they are former players who are not willing to play on active basis. Also players with the same level as me will have no interest in attacking someone small to get only 100-1000 gold.

    I know, and thanks for your suggestions. It's not about getting a different hobby, but it's about trying to throw ideas that could potentially improve the game.

    Hi guys,

    I thought I will propose this idea in here and share my opinion with you.

    As of today, my character is 2561 levels and I can only attack players with 'Battle Value' starting from 13876 - 21681. In other word , I can only attack 4 people on my server. Only 1 player plays on a regular basis while others are almost can imagine how bored I am. Nevertheless, high level characters on other servers are facing the same boredom.

    1. Would that be possible to remove the current battle process based on Battle Values? That will allow people like me to attack more players will smaller Battle Values.

    2. Would that be possible to attack literally anyone including the same race? This will definitely create more interest in the game. House of Pain (HoP) provides similar option, however with HoP you can only attack players who are 'currently' registered in there. HoP is not active on majority of the servers, as it is used only on 'cover me so that no one can attack me' basis while on quests making gold.

    Opinions and thoughts are welcome.

    Many thanks,


    I am glad to hear that you are interested in our opinion and ready to forward the feedback. My suggestion to you is to advise us on which specific feedback you are forwarding to Gameforge. The reason I am saying so because there are topics on the forum that still require admins and Gameforge attention.

    The Great Hunt is technically a server merge, hence my feedback was in regards to merges.

    With all honesty and without being sarcastic - would all these questions & feedback matter? Senakhtenre If so, then please advise how would all these matter and make difference.

    It took us around 6 years to question and feedback before we got this Great Hunt. I am now curious how long our Questions & Feedback will last for before we get another event.

    The feedback is very clear, especially for antique players like me who have been playing for ages: we need to merge servers (at least the servers within each community/country) in order to bring the game back to life. Otherwise, no people - no hellstones, consequently, no money for Gameforge.

    I agree, many people use their other accounts. Now it makes me think that I should probably had another account as well rather than depend on my - the only - account...just kidding ^^

    Also, while posting this comment, I thought I will mention - this Great Hunt will be remembered because of players 'Orbs' rather than players itself. I never seen anyone attacking me without Orb. I had to activate one lol

    Thank you for this event, which is probably the most entertaining and engaging event in Bitefight.

    Admins, you need to propose to Gameforge an idea of combining communities (for each country e.g. Russia, Greece, etc.) as less and less people are playing. Even with Great Hunt - the activity level is not what it used to be.

    UffDuh Grunmuff I've read your thread here as well - Rules Anyone? . Sadly these type of threads get closed so quickly that you can't even blink. I feel sorry for what happened to you and your wife.

    I've been playing Bitefight for donkey years (you can guess that by looking at my character), however one of the most common behaviour of admins which I never liked was when they were slapping the players with banning them almost permanently without giving them any kind of a warning. This makes you think how poor the system is. I believe anyone can do a mistake, and not everyone is perfect in interpreting the rules, therefore prior 'harsh' actions at least there must be some kind of warning given. While Bitefight is dying - behaving in a draconian way against players is not the best way to keep the game active.

    In regards to your point "By far the simplest means of finding the rules is only available to those who are already active players" you are pretty much right, and it is completely a non-sense. I had similar problem where I asked admins of Russian bitefight to locate the links for all the rules available so I can read and digest...when you are a big and the most powerful character you must be careful as you got many enemies (including the ones who have authority) behind of your back, as you can imagine. Rules are spread out like Covid-19. Not organised.

    Всем привет,

    Давайте покажем друг другу в этом теме свои самые интересные бои, я думаю что всем будет интересно. Также покажите скриншот боя и ссылку своего и врага персонажа.

    Не знаю как это назвать, возможно самый смешной бой...посмотрите на урон KPACABA:D - KPACABA - Advocate.

    it's forbidden to copy teamlers name, yes.

    Does this apply to clans as well? There are clans that have similar names as my clan, however they have punctuation marks such as dot or dash. They were created by folks who hope to irritate me...sad kids

    Care to elaborate a bit more what do you mean about that? For what I understand about the topic you want more items to drop via the Story, is that what you mean with simpifying items?

    Hi buddy, yes that's right, more items in the story, and as frequent as possible; the purpose of this idea can be found in my previous posts.

    To be honest, I do not expect from you an implementation of this idea right away, I completely understand the level of hierarchy. However, if you don't propose the idea then no changes will be made.

    Also we don't go into our hideout when we see this thread :P sometimes we don't have anything to add or say about something so we just don't ^^

    Well I hope this is the case, because sometimes I think this forum has 'Likes Received' competition where the posts shouldn't go beyond likes, therefore no comments should be posted just in case no likes received lol.