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    Because one of the parties decided on backing out of the exchange, we closed the ticket. We can't force folk to exchange if they don't want to or will I just give people accounts that others have.

    Not withstanding though, actual thefts. So do not ever give anyone your login information even if they claim to be game support.

    It was either merge those or delete them, we chose to save them instead. It's not precisely ideal and there has been a very steep learning curve for many of the players on that server. I know that because it's in my domain.

    Maybe in the upcoming future I'll have to walk back my statement, and say 'Yeah, I was wrong here.' if so, then fine, I'll cross and burn that bridge then, but not now.

    For now, the viability of merging servers from one or more communities that are not endangered or in threat of being deleted is not on the foreseeable horizon.

    Trust me when I say that it's not just you that is concerned about the state of affairs with the number of active players on every server that we have jurisdiction over.

    Server merges are interesting things, usually it's only comparable versions, but I'm getting the hint that what is being talked about here is not just servers where the language is English, but also would include server that are the same version but in different languages.

    This would make an issue as what language would be the one used? Or should we just force every community no matter what, to use English, and rigidly enforce this. Then what should we do with all the staff that does not know the language? Just fire them because they don't know English?

    What about the players that don't know the language?

    These are just the tip of concerns when it comes to server merges, even more so when it's across communities.

    I'm not sure what more can be done aside from what is already. Ubisoft (the new owners of Gameforge) doesn't seem like it will invest in something that is not really a big income producer. But we can always hope.

    Bitefight is a wonderful game but, as I said some time ago. It's rather old for a game and I'm amazed that even now, more than a decade after I started on staff, that it is still going. Seeing as the game was already a few years old when I became staff, we could be looking at twenty years(?) of Bitefight.

    Many of the server are running different versions and are incompatible with each other as a result of that. So 'merging all the servers' is out of the question as something that can be done. It's a nice thought, but not going to happen.

    The best way to help those already playing is by bringing in new players, otherwise it turns into a case of diminishing returns as blunt to be put, Why would a company invest in something that only a ever decreasing few would enjoy when it has a chance to put those investment dollars/euros/whatever to work where there are simply more people? It pains me to put it that way, but that is the reality being looked at.

    If we could force people to play then I'm fairly sure a large part of the annual budget would be spent doing so, along side electricity to run the game servers.

    I agree, there needs to be flash and pizzazz to attract more folks, bring back old as well, but again, with competition in the market for browser based games, ones like this one are growing ever more.. Long in the tooth.

    Although thinking of that, makes me have a idea. why not something just for players that have been around for x number of years, have it be called something like Long in the Tooth. Maybe a special weapon or ability that can only be had by those few still active after so long.

    Need to polish that idea more.

    I'm not sure it's a need for a merge as much as the need for new players, as many have moved on to other games from losing interest or, as you pointed out, just left because there was no one else around for them.

    It's sad when folks go away because I remember when every sever was jumping active with gobs of new players coming in weekly, only to get trounced by older players tot eh point it wasn't fun anymore, and they left.

    Maybe with a coming together of communities there will be more cross over and hopefully, a return to having a larger player base for those like yourselves to have competition again.


    Before reading the tutorial please read the announcement of version 2.2.2 and presented data.

    Aspects are the new options in the game that you can find in your overview page as the sixth and last tab. When you open it you will get the graph with aspects which are written here:


    There are 8 aspects that describe the player character`s nature. Each aspect has two related aspects (which are those aspects that are left and right of a related aspect on the graph) and the opposite aspect (it is one aspect which is located on the opposite side of a given aspect). Every player has a total of 8,000 aspect points. A new player starts off with 1,000 aspect points on every aspect. Aspects are changed by actions in quests. For example, if you get points for the aspect of man, at the same time lose points for the aspect of the beast (its opposite aspect). If one of the aspect increases, it's related aspects also increase. The opposite aspect will be reduced by increasing the total value of related aspects that are in opposition to him! This means that when the opposite aspect is reduced by 5 points (value of one addaspect.png) our aspect will be increased by 3 points and its related aspects for the 1 point each. If you increase an aspect above a certain threshold value (1750 point first threshold, 2500 second and 5000 third threshold), you will receive different bonuses on attributes or fight modifications.

    Opposite aspects - aspects which are located opposite each other on the graph:

    Man Vs. Beast

    Knowledge Vs. Destruction

    Order Vs. Chaos

    Nature Vs. Corruption

    The threshold value is on three levels, namely:

    Level I - 1750 points

    Level II - 2500 points

    Level III - 5000 points

    Bonuses that make aspects of the sliding distance threshold value:



    If all aspect are 1000 like in the first situation, you take some action in the quest that will raise Chaos, say "Terrorize". Then it will be his opposite, Order, reduced by 5 points and the Chaos I will rise by 3 while his related aspects, Destruction and Corruption will raise by 1 each. This is very important to know for the subsequent transfer and manipulation of aspects. The most important thing we can see that every aspect by raising direct influence on the reduction of the opposite, but also slowly improving related aspects.

    Now we come to another important fact: It is not possible to directly raise an aspect if its opposite aspect is below 5 points.

    Why? Well, because we raise some aspect at the expense of the opposite and that he can not happen cos opposite can not go to the minus me so it can not be raised directly anymore.

    But then what do I do? In this situation, we have the following options, either to indirectly raise wanted aspect through its related aspects or aspects related to raising the opposite of our aspect, and then when opposite gathers 5 points we can directly raise wanted aspect.

    Here's an example of what this means: If we raise some aspect by using related aspects...

    Raising the Destruction addaspect.png we get 3 points for Destruction and 1 for the beast and chaos each, also we deduct 5 from Knowledge. So if our goal is Chaos, we've raised in this case for 1 indirectly through its related.

    Now a little longer process to raise an aspect by going over it's opposite.

    First of all, if our interest is in Chaos and the Order was on 3 points than we must do the following things. To raise the Knowledge or the Nature and so to raise one point of Order. Not to directly raise the Order because in that case you will directly reduce the Chaos and that is not in our interest. When in the previous case, for example, raise the Nature two times we have added 2 points on Order, which now has a fifth point so now you can choose the option in quest for raising Chaos and increase it by 3 and also bring Order to zero. Repeat this procedure until you reach the desired value of Chaos.

    All above applies to any combination of aspects, and the same logic goes for everything, but it is important to know which aspects are related and which are opposite.

    When you cross the threshold of certain aspects, it will be shown next to that aspect instead the "dash - " that is in list of aspects by default and it will be displayed on the graph, here are a few examples of how it looks and what options can be achieved with the following aspects:

    Situation I


    In this case you get level I bonus from 4 aspects:

    Nature - Dexterity +5

    Beast - Strength +5

    Destruction - Bonus damage +6

    Chaos - Endurance +5

    Situation II


    In this case you get one level II bonus and two level I bonuses:

    Nature - Dexterity +5

    Beast - Strength +5

    Destruction - Bonus damage +30

    Situation III


    Nature - Dexterity +5

    Destruction - Bonus damage +30 + Basic damage +12

    During a quest in tavern you get a variety of action that can be performed. These actions influence Aspects and also generate gold and experience and affect the vitality of player. So you can easier manage your aspects here is the list of action and related aspects.

    1. Examine - KNOWLEDGE addaspect.png

    2. Enter city - HUMAN addaspect.png

    3. Rob city - BEAST addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    4. Rob - BEAST addaspect.png

    5. Terrorize - CHAOS addaspect.png

    6. Carry on walking - No action.

    7. Brave - ORDER addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    8. Accept - NATURE addaspect.png

    9. Use chance - KNOWLEDGE addaspect.png

    10. Ask for more - ORDER addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    11. Hide - NATURE addaspect.png

    12. Full attack - Battle/BEAST addaspect.pngDESTRUCTION addaspect.png

    13. Set everything alight - CHAOS addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    14. Escort - ORDER addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    15. Beguile - HUMAN addaspect.pngCORRUPTION addaspect.png

    16. Snoop - BEAST addaspect.pngNATURE addaspect.png

    17. Smash everything - DESTRUCTION addaspect.png

    18. Throw a coin in - Possibility of finding equipment or potions/KNOWLEDGE addaspect.png

    19. Look for coins - CORRUPTION addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    20. Party - HUMAN addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    21. Make some valuable booty - Man hunt.

    22. Enter forest - No action.

    23. Look for a better path - HUMAN addaspect.png

    24. Jump over it - BEAST addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    25. Mislead - CORRUPTION addaspect.png

    26. Devour - BEAST addaspect.png

    27. Talk - KNOWLEDGE addaspect.png

    28. Observe - KNOWLEDGE addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    29. Warn of dangers - HUMAN addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    30. Investigate - KNOWLEDGE addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    31. Stay here - No Action.

    32. Step into the depths - ORDER addaspect.png

    33. Vampire's gaze - No Action, Just some Gold.

    34. Tread the mountain path - No Action.

    35. Assassinate - CORRUPTION addaspect.png

    36. Werewolf's howl - No Action, Just some Gold.

    37. Find fortune in misfortune - High Damage/No Action.

    38. Enter the cavern - No Action.

    39. Confront the enemy - ORDER addaspect.pngaddaspect.png

    40. Soul Devourer - Healing/Damage/No Action

    41. Death Aura - No Action/Probability of a Fight

    Modified from and and thank you to Rhage for additional information.

    Thank you to our users who provided info: Sangrienta, TheOmen, TerrorX ( and Rhage ( for table creation ;)[/color]