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    come on, handsome boy, don't try to make up your mind when you're wrong. :*

    I'm only here to see and feel the ignorance that is on the upper floors of the management, ignorance of the game I'm speaking about ^^. Because if you were an expert player, which you are not, you would know very well that (as much as I don't like it) orbs are now vital for PVPs, as are potions.

    so, you will tell me even that the Blood Potion, on server x6 was modified to endure for 1hour? Like the x1?

    You want to tell me that AP/Health ect. is EXACTLY the SAME on ALL Speeds?

    then, you will also agree with me then that, in speed servers, as it is simple to make money, it is much easier to buy new equipment.

    So you put in trouble an x1 server that instead, has to accumulate for days in order to buy them :)

    like the laps, the excuses you find, it's all useless, an x6 server CANNOT and MUST NOT compete with an x1 server :thumbdown:

    Is not something I'm saying alone, would you like to say that we are all stupids telling that HAVE to be sorted by Server Speed?

    oh oh oh... I remembered even an other important thing... you know about Elixirs?

    Yes, those little potions you buy with the hellstones =O they are still in game, right?

    So you want to tell me that even those was modified to endure 1 DAY????

    Because... well... if I'm playing on a server x6 and I want to use them, I have to buy one every 4 Hours 4 Minutes 48 Seconds (Server x1= 1DAY)

    this means, a Server x1 will spend only 10 Hellstone for each potion= 50 Hellstone for a whole day.

    Me, that I'm crazy, I want to cover 24 hours too, with my potions, so every 4 Hours I want to buy 5 Exilirs is 6 or 7 times in a day I have to buy 5 Elixir to be pair with a server x1... math, my dear, I will spend 300 or 350 HS EVERY DAY, while a Server x1 spent only 50!!!!

    So... you understand why those servers can't be together? Or really, I have to open Paint and make some nice drawings? :D

    As for different grouping with same server speeds (x4 only with other x4 speed etc) I do not want that nor is that a good path. Players on x1 can only be attacked once per hour, maximum of 5 times per day by same opponent. Yeah, they could get attacked more than usual, by no more than 5 opponents if each of them attacks max number of times (and one of them 4/5), I honestly don't think that's an issue, everyone had so many years to prepare and make good accounts by now, especially those on the top with so little opponents.

    Are you sure of what you are saying?

    to start, forgive me if my English is not very understandable, but I can organize myself with beautiful drawings made on Paint, in order to make everyone understand :)

    As you can see HERE (yes, I know, I like so much when I do something nice :love:)
    There are many aspects involved in different speed server. Start with the easy one, ok?

    Server x1 have a normal regeneration ratio of AP/health, have only 5 Attacks against one specified opponent, can make attacks every hour, can use potions only every hour.

    Server x2 have a double regeneration ratio of AP/health, have 10 Attacks against one specified opponent, can make attacks every half hour, can use potions every half hour (so, every 30 min I have to remember to log in to put a potion, while the server x1 is ok for 1 hour).

    Server x4 have a x4 regeneration ratio of AP/health, have 20 Attacks against one specified opponent, can make attacks every 15 minutes, can use potions every 15 minutes (so, every 15 min I have to come inside the game, 4 times in one hour to be pair with a server speed x1).

    Server x6 have a x6 regeneration ratio of AP/health, have 30 Attacks against one specified opponent, can make attacks every 10 minutes, can use potions every 10 minutes (so, every 10 min I have to come inside the game, 6 times in one hour to be pair with a server speed x1)-

    Now, talk about serious things... the orbs :)

    Using a bit of simple math, I can obtain the formula to calculate the cost of a 100% chance orb (eeeeeeeeh using hellstone is too easy and not anyone can use them for orbs)

    So... the formula is (LVL * 7200) * Speed of the server.

    Think we have an account level 1357.

    Speedx1= (1357 * 7200) * 1= 9.770.400

    Speedx2= (1357 * 7200) * 2= 19.540.800

    Speedx4= (1357 * 7200) * 4= 39.081.600

    Speedx6= (1357 * 7200) * 6= 58.622.400

    This only about the cost... what about the duration?

    on the Server x1, you can even create orbs for 4 days.

    on the server x2 the maximum I saw was 2 days

    on the server x4 the maximum I saw was 1 day and 18 hours

    on the server x6 I don't know... but I think the maximum can be 1 day...

    So, in conclusion, even only for the orb is something we can't handle for many time, is something that have to be resolved. Because one server x6 speed to be pair with a server x1 needs x20 or x30 fragments more.I hope my little, little experience, can help.

    Best wishes

    Nice to see it again on... honestly I logged on my account today, after many months, only to see how was working :)

    If I can suggest one thing... keep how it was before, I mean, different Hunts based on the Server speed.

    x1 servers only with x1

    x2 servers only with x2 etc etc...

    This only for one thing, the cost of the orb... not counting the AP/Life regeneration of the speed servers

    As I said on that topic: [Guìa] Diferencia entre Servidores Speed

    the cost are pretty different from a normal server from a speed server :)

    btw, good work GF! Make BiteFight great again! :thumbup: