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    Diferencia entre servidores speed

    Aspecto involucrado x1 x2 x4 x6
    Regeneración PA Free 2 4 8 12
    Premium 4 8 16 24
    Regeneración de vida sin bonus +100% +300% +500%
    Intervalo entre ataque PVP 1H 30MIN 15MIN 10MIN
    Casa del dolor 1H 1H 1H 1H
    Ataques máximos por día
    (a un solo oponente)
    5 10 20 30
    El uso de pociones Pociones 1H 30MIN 15MIN 10MIN Y 12SEC
    Elixir 1 DìA 12 H 6 H 4H 4MIN 48SEC
    El uso de pociones para PA Pociones
    (10 PA)
    1 DìA 12H 6H 4H 4MIN 48SEC
    (80 PA)
    6H 3H 1H 30M 1H 1MIN 12SEC
    Costo de creación del orbe
    (100 fragmentos)
    50% 0 0 0 0
    75% LVL * 3.600 (LVL * 3.600) * 2 (LVL * 3.600) * 4 (LVL * 3.600) * 6
    100% LVL * 7200 (LVL * 7200) * 2 (LVL * 7200) * 4 (LVL * 7200) * 6
    100% res3.gif 15 15 15 15
    Duración de la guerra 8H 4H 2H 1H 21MIN
    Tiempo de espera entre una guerra y otra 1 Dìa 12H 6H 4H 30MIN

    si hay aspectos no especificados en esta guía,

    escríbeme en privado para agregarlos

    yes, you are right... I kow that my C2 LVL English is a shame ^^

    btw.. for what we can understand, you are asking the following things

    1. When a player gives you mana?
    2. Why a player gives you mana?
    3. Why a player that always gived mana, suddlenly doesn't give mana?

    if we are two ppl, even if we don't know English well, and can't understand what you are trying to ask, I believe that is you asking the question in the wrong way :)

    however, I think OveRLorD will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have.

    I close my speech here and thank you for pointing out that I have to go repeat some English Lesson :)

    is very well explained in the thread linked by OveRLorD

    *How it counts? 25% of the Skill difference.

    *In what fact? When you win, against a player who has a combat value greater than yours by at least 1 point

    *Why? beacuse the hens laying eggs ... what question is it? :D

    *What it make to be happen? read above


    *And to explain more, one time attacking to one player and win and give Mana another time (hour, day) you attacking to the same player and win but there is no Mana!!!

    Maybe your combat value has become higher than his

    'cause is forbidden by Forum Rules :)

    just make one thing... take that report you say, make a screenshot of the first 3 Turn of combat and send them to me :)

    I look at it and tell you what I think :D

    I don't think is bugged :)

    you only need experience :P

    I'm playing BF since 2006, I know every aspects of the game (I've also made a website where I help less experienced players, but for now I'm updating it, so I don't provide help there xD)

    the only thing you need on bf is knowledge and experience.

    thanks to those you can also play totally free... naturally you cannot aspire to be the first in Booty Rank.

    But surely you can aspire to first place for damage inflicted and stolen gold ;)

    btw I suggest you edit your post and remove the name of that game, not being from the GameForge circuit :)

    I'm so sorry to hear that :(

    yes, the game has still few bugs now, compared to what it was a few years ago.

    And yes, if you don't use HS, is hard compete... but you can always grow up a powerfull pg with no HS... or maybe with free HS, with the Fyber and Superreward ^^

    For example... I have an account on the server 12 SE

    it's a total free pg :D

    no Shadowlord, no chests, no premium items :P

    just look at the statistics it has :)

    Everyone sees the event, but only vampires had discounts and bonuses

    same thing on the Italian servers, where I play as a wolf, I saw the notice of the event, but going to the merchant I had no discount :)

    during the full moon event, on the Swedish servers, where I play as a vampire, I still saw the notice in game of the event but I had no discounts.

    so I guess it's all normal