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    The City consists of lots of places! Each one with a different use:

    At the House of Pain you can fight other players to get Trophy Points and even get some nice monthly rewards.

    The Market Place, where you can buy and sell your items to other creatures of the night.

    Earn gold and experience while working hourly shifts at the Graveyard.

    Don't forget to visit the VooDo Shop! A place to purchase the premium currency of BiteFight, HellStone (HS) that you can use to use with different premium features and to get premium gear in the Merchant.

    Drop by The Merchant, our big demon lover that will sell you items (weapons, gear, potions) to improve your chances of surviving the night on this dangerous place!

    And how could we forget The Librarian! If you want to erase your past, he's the man to go.