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    I always liked the combination of + Hit Chance Talents to go with Basic/Bonus damage gear or vice versa. I think it is also important as you get higher in level that you increase your +Hit Chance and combine that with -Damage either by talent or gear. Sometimes both together can make your character very hard to beat in battle.

    I do not think the game is a lost cause. I have played this game for 12 years now and I have been a team member for 5 years. I take my responsibility as a Game Administrator very seriously as I also treated my ranks as Game Operator, Super Game Operator, and now Game Administrator. I have the unique opportunity to see this game from both sides as both a player and a staff member.

    For some of you, that seem to think I do not take my responsibility seriously, that I am not capable of doing my job or I do not voice your opinions to my Community Manager - you are sadly wrong. I have ALWAYS taken my work for GameForge/BiteFight VERY SERIOUSLY.

    I peruse the Forum daily looking for questions or concerns as part of my responsibility as a Game Administrator. I think everyone's opinion matters - including mine.

    ALL of your concerns are forwarded to the Community Manager. Where they go from there is BEYOND my scope of control. I can only do so much and I would like you all to know that I do as much as I possibly can to help the questions and concerns of the players of BiteFight.

    I think all of the current ideas being presented to the game developers sound great. I hope in the future they will possibly implement some of the suggestions put forward here. Meanwhile, I will continue to present ALL player ideas to the higher-ups as I have always done.

    Hello again upavasilis

    When you have a problem or concern in the game that is what the "Support System" is for not the Forum. If an Event isn't working properly you don't go to the Forum and hope for an answer. You submit a Ticket to Game Support. It is a Button right in the Game.

    What is going on here is bashing Volunteer staff members for something that they have NO CONTROL OVER. That is what I am addressing here. You are blending two different issues. The Forum is open to everyone and it is for Discussions and yes even Volunteer staff can go there for "Fun."

    Let me try to explain this another way - If you went to a soup kitchen and a volunteer put soup in your bowl for free - You don't complain to the volunteer that you don't like the soup that is being served. Do you think that volunteer has any control over the soup being served? NO, they don't, they are just there donating their time for FREE.

    This has been explained a number of times now. If you have a GAME problem you submit a ticket and contact Game Support, not roam the Forum submitting questions relating to actual Game Problems looking for a Volunteer Staff member to answer you.

    Hello upavasilis

    I appreciate your opinion but I think you fail from a lack of understanding as to how this system works. The Game Admins have no contact with "the company" and the only person that does and can do ANYTHING at all is the Community Manager. Please in the future refrain from making comments about or to people when you do not understand how the system works. The Volunteer staff has no company contact at all. The Forum is a place for opinions, comments and "FUN" not for attacking volunteer staff members that have no control over the Game, it's content NOR the developers that make it!

    Actually, I think the Game Admins were being bashed for daring to have "fun" in the forum and are being accused of not doing their jobs. By the way, answering every little question that happens to pop into a player's mind is not part of my job description. I lost my husband of over 40 years of marriage last year after a long illness. Aside from the fact that my life has been completely leveled, I get paid NOTHING for this position of Game Administrator, and quite frankly it's beyond disappointing to be treated this way in the Forum. As former GA Senaktenre said "Game concerns are best addressed through the Support System" not in the English game forum. The Forum is for discussion purposes and yes I dare say "fun."