• " Am Freitag den 24.03.2023 werden die Tore für eine neue Speed-Grafschaft eröffnet!

    Diese Grafschaft wird liebevoll Grafschaft 54 getauft.

    Besonderheiten:..... x6 Geschwindigkeit"

    If they would rather take care of the improvement and faultless functioning of the old servers. Events are still not working :P

  • :light:is this serious? Do you prefer to open new servers if you don't even fix the events that are having problems? what's the point of that? you could at least normalize the events to later open new servers, you are lost in the administration of the game :|?(

    I hope :bitef: goes back to how it was before :light:

  • bitefight will never go back to what it was the game forge just wants money and thats it they dont give a fuck about the game been weeks if not monsths with the events not working properly now we been over a week without any sort of event and all they care about is making new servers so they can milk more money from the player base its a fucking joke an insult to people.

  • Bitefight is a browser game which should be the easiest one to maintain. Basically with a bit of coding you should maintain it quite simple but they don't do it . So if they can't maintain a simple game why would I choose to play another gameforge game more complicated ?noooo..never choose gf games ever again

  • its what i already said if people were smart no one would join the new servers till they fix their shit cause if people keep joining new servers and spending money on it they will never fix anything.