BiteFight Project : International Server

  • GreedyForce cares about your money and nothing else. Thats why they keep popping new servers. The day when you stop wasting your hard worked money into their game is the day when they will shut down all servers. Sad that you guys didnt got this yet, and still waste hundreads of dollars each month.

    Why to you think they make separate events? They make an werewolf event then they throw an vampire only event, so the cash cows will throw 50 hellstones to turn vamp, than other 50 to turn werewolf back, thats like 10 dollars :) 10 dollars x few hundreads players among all servers, and in one event they probably make 5k dollars on one event... they will throw another one in a month, another 5k. And not forget that when is werewolf only vamps can turn so probably if you keep making this move every event they make 10k a month from 2 events.

    They play you all like a violin. :)

  • Cheer up boys and gals, as we all cried on gladiatus, they made an global server, and I heard it is so fckin awesome, as long as we dont give up, eventually we will have server, with all the players in the world in it, most likely 10.000-20.000 players, I said already, I will do what ever is needed to make it happen, btw, I am an influencer and I earn a lot, but for me, fun in this game is much better drug than cash, that is what I think about BF. LOVE <3<3

  • Good morning everyone yes I agree nothing comes overnight... but also the company doesn't give us any incentive to keep playing or even keep us... they haven't even made an announcement about what they plan to do with the game in the future

  • I've read now Skin Stealer comment and I think that a solution for everyone to play on any possible server, no matter the country would be to implement something that Gladiatus have, and that is game language changing. I play on EN server and some players have the game on their native language. I know someone that have the game in spanish.

    The only new thing on a INT server is that everyone is forced to speak english, but this can be easy set as rule everywhere. But before this is done they should do another huge merging.
    Merge all speed servers into one of biggest speed. I checked a few nights ago and some speed servers have a total of 31 players, some have 50, some have 250 .. which is crazy cuz that means servers are dead. Theres no need for x2 x4 servers, just make all into a x6 or x10 (i know that gladiatus germany have one x10 server).
    ONE SPEED SERVER where everyone plays, no need for INT servers.

  • Good morning. I believe that the current situation is not well understood, and one even ventures to fantasize about how the game would be played, but you realize that while announcing a skill event .... which on the occasion I anticipated and did the lord of the shadows, and I think a little bit of everyone, one of the team apologized for the mistake bla bla bla bla bla, giving us users yet another rip-off, while they could easily fix it in the following days? It will be a coincidence but the event they don't put it, strange don't you think, and none of the insiders do a minimum of communication and say it will be done in a certain time or never again. but wake up and we won't spend a cent on this game anymore, bye everyone.

  • Good evening everyone... there are no new people starting to play bitefight it makes sense because newer and better games have come out... and we sit and waste our time and money on a game that neither listen to us nor care about us all they do is every weekend to put the same eve for months... just a shame the company hasn't done any substantial updates to the game it's been almost 10 years since they last did anything