Selling an item during Microevent -30%

  • Hey Guys,

    I thought I will let you know about the following bug.

    During some microevents, including today's one, we can purchase an item for -30% of its price. Unfortunately, this -30% applies to the already purchased items when trying to sell to Merchant as well. Nevertheless, on the main page of the character (Overview), the items minimum price is listed similarly as what it would cost during non-event time, which means without any -30%.

    Could we fix this, please? This is confusing as the information is not consistent on webpages. I hope it would be possible to sell an item with its full and minimum price rather than -30% of its minimum price.

    I hope it makes sense, let me know if you have any questions. Pictures are attached.

    Kind Regards,


  • This is not a bug, but a smart-ass player.

    The price for the item in the merchant falls. Both prices fall - minimum and maximum. Do you want lesser maximum price, but the original minimum? Then sell items a few minutes before midnight. Cover yourself in the house of pain in advance and do your things.

    By the way, if you sell an item on the market, the minimum price would be the original minimum. Also, if you sell an item to allies, then the price can be maximum + it is possible to buy the orb over it, as you can trade.

    It is strange that you only noticed this feature after several years of playing, it would not hurt to understand the game mechanics a bit more.

  • Vasa you did not understand the point. Maybe I need to write to you on Russian ;). Anyway, my point is that the minimum price should match with each other, in other words, merchant and overview sections should have and mention the same minimum price rather than as per the pictures.