Stat balance

  • Wonder what the best way to balance stats is now used to be forced the lowest defense and charisma the same the second highest and dexterity and endurance the highest at the same that was in 2008 and I was ranked second overall in the world

    The only evidence I have found to be successful so far is highest as your defense force about 20% behind dexterity endurance I put the same a little bit below fours because of my total with tax charity and defense and I keep charisma half the amounts of dexterity because dexterity charisma enforce all relate on the offense of spectrum but I’m still lost.

  • Most of us go with all the same but very low Charisma. At high level it doesn't make such difference. I am level 500 with everything on 650 and charisma 150 and with premium gear i beat 800's w/o premium and 800+ stats. Also orbs are very important as well as talents.