[EN & US] New servers on 28.04.2021

  • Hello, Creatures of the night!

    On Wednesday, 28.04.2021 (around 15:00-16:00 (German time)) new hunting territories will open their doors for you to conquest!

    These new servers will be marked as S36 (for the EN community) and S30 (for the US community)

    The servers will have the following characteristics:

    Version: OLD (version 2.4.33)
    Speed: x6
    Multiaccounts WILL NOT be allowed
    One IP might have as IP Sharing only TWO accounts
    as explained in our Game Rules.

    Once available you can access these new servers by either choosing County 36 (for EN) or County 30 (for US) on their landing page or via their direct links: https://s36-en.bitefight.gameforge.com/ or https://s30-us.bitefight.gameforge.com/

    Happy hunting!

    Kind regards,
    Your BiteFight Team


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