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  • Hello again upavasilis

    When you have a problem or concern in the game that is what the "Support System" is for not the Forum. If an Event isn't working properly you don't go to the Forum and hope for an answer. You submit a Ticket to Game Support. It is a Button right in the Game.

    What is going on here is bashing Volunteer staff members for something that they have NO CONTROL OVER. That is what I am addressing here. You are blending two different issues. The Forum is open to everyone and it is for Discussions and yes even Volunteer staff can go there for "Fun."

    Let me try to explain this another way - If you went to a soup kitchen and a volunteer put soup in your bowl for free - You don't complain to the volunteer that you don't like the soup that is being served. Do you think that volunteer has any control over the soup being served? NO, they don't, they are just there donating their time for FREE.

    This has been explained a number of times now. If you have a GAME problem you submit a ticket and contact Game Support, not roam the Forum submitting questions relating to actual Game Problems looking for a Volunteer Staff member to answer you.

  • I would like to thank you that you compare this game with a bad and teastless soup .

    But even a volunteer can say to his manager that his soup is horrible.

    After all the soup isn't free.

    The complain form takes time.

    If you don't want to do something when you see a problem just don't do.

    There is no point to hide behind free volunteering.