Bullying by the support

  • Hello! I need urgent help and don’t know how to receive it and from whom.

    Out of the blue i received in-game messages from the Team leader of my country’s support team that one of my accounts is now linked as a multi-account of an account of a clan mate of mine. As a result now all of our accounts are linked as multi with each other and most of them were kicked out of the clans we had in common.

    The clan mate and I have never violated the multi-account rule, have never logged in in each others accounts or shared any personal information whatsoever. Also we don’t live close to each other, so there is no way our location or IP adresses are similar. Actually, we live on different continents.

    It is so demoralizing after playing this game for more than 13 years I still have such negative experiances without any reason behind the actions of those responsible. I do not want to engage in useless discussions with other users of this forum, I need adequate guidlines as to whom i can write to from quick assistance.

    All information that may be required such as country, server and names of accounts I can and will provide to whoever is qualified to receive upon furtger request.

  • Hello Sangha! And thank you for your advice! Of course I have done that and so has the owner of the other account, but time passes and we have not received any answers yet.

    So my question is what can I do when the entire support team of my country is unavailable or silent? Who do I contact next?

  • Hello Mechant I can't find your ticket on Support.

    Can you give me support ticket ID or maybe an nickname, date when you opened it...?

    I'll take a look.

    However, our supporters are not "bullying" players nor have any interest in doing so.

    Why did they link you as multi... I won't discuss here and certainly not before I actually see what's going on.

    I'm sure we'll find a sollution and fix mistake (if there was any)


    Μὴ μου τοὺς κύκλους τάραττε!

  • Mika

    Hello! I have messaged you with details and ticket IDs with regards to my issue.

    Please treat my situation with urgency, as every minute that passes is a minute two players are wrongfully suffering the consequences of a wrongful decision made by the support team of our country.