Rules Anyone?

  • Hello, I am new here. I did play BiteFight some 15 years ago or so with my sister and remember having a ton of fun racing her up the highscore board and then having even more fun building a clan together and waging war with the other top clans on our server. It was a blast and I was really excited to try the game out again when I heard that it actually still existed.

    I have only been on for a week or two now, and this time it has been my wife and I racing up the charts together and trying to build a clan (along with my sister). However, my wife came to me in tears a couple hours ago, informing me that she has been banned for having multiple accounts.

    So now I am trying to figure out exactly where we went wrong. I do have accounts on two servers, but neither of those accounts have been deleted, and I see that many other people on the forums talk openly about having accounts on multiple servers, so this doesn't seem to be against the rules. Additionally, I know that my wife only has the one account because I had to help her set it up. The only thing I could figure is that someone may have tracked our IP address or something and figures that since we are playing from the same location, that we are the same person. but even in that case, I have seen no rules posted anywhere to suggest that this is not allowed. It makes sense, I guess, but rules should be easy to find, especially if they are going to be enforced with the Ban Hammer without even warning a person.

    Anyway, my suspicions seemed to be confirmed by a message I received on my account from @Senakhtenre "reminding" me that there are rules against multiple accounts and informing me that my other accounts have been deleted. I could not respond to the message and can't figure out how to reach out to him directly, so I am posting here.

    Does anyone know where the rules are posted and/or how we can resolve this issue? The whole point of my playing this game was for the fun of doing it with with my family, so if that is not allowed, I think I'll be moving on. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

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  • This thread is now closed. We don't allow talking about bans in public, however:

    Does anyone know where the rules are posted and/or how we can resolve this issue?

    Game Rules

    It is not permitted to create multiple accounts on speed servers.
    IP sharing (max of 2 accounts with the same IP) is only permitted once per speed server.

    This is warned literally EVERYWHERE both in the forums and in-game, it is your responsibility to know the rules of the game you're playing.

    Additionally, with every warning in-game you get informed of how to contact the team should you have any questions which is via support system, not the forums, since the ban is of one US server, go to the US support:

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