The BiteFight US Team during the holidays

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    Creatures of the Night,

    Another year is close to end and Christmas are here, because of these special dates it could happen that the volunteer team of BiteFight US has less time to invest on here, therefore, from today 24th of December and till the 4th of January the presence of the volunteer team of BiteFight US might be less than usual and their replies in our support system might take longer than usual but fear not, we will handle everything as soon as the available time let us do so.

    It wouldn't be a Christmas message of mine if it didn't include a special thank you, so to all the members of the volunteer teams and players alike I'd like to extend my most sincere THANK YOU for another year of fighting in the shadows, lets us hope for a 2020 full of good things for everyone and our favorite game aswell.

    Also we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Have lots of fun, enjoy it and be safe.


    Your BiteFight US Team.

    ~ BiteFight US & FI Game Admin ~

    I feel as useful as the p in raspberry.


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