Action points Regeneration: 07:27:10 (Regeneration: 24 / h) not working right ,in the event for werewolf's on server 23

  • I think we have a bug in the game now I have use these two Energy Potion

    (Your inventory: 0 item(s))

    Action points: +10

    Duration of effect: 06:00:00

    Price: 1.000gold

    Resale value: 250gold

    Requirement: level 1

    Energy Elixir Energy Elixir

    (Your inventory: 2 item(s))

    Action points: +80

    Duration of effect: 01:30:00

    Price: 0gold + 16 Hellstones

    Normal price: 0gold + 25 Hellstones

    Resale value: 0gold

    Requirement: level 1

    and 5 of these to get to full point Dark Blue Gift

    (Your inventory: 142 item(s))

    Resale value: 0gold

    Immediately heals 5% of your Energy

    and every time I have come from the grave yard it just jumps back to 186 in points not to the right points 382 like it should anyone else have this happen to them ?