Blessings of the Full Moon for the Werewolves - 15.08 - 16.08

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    Creatures of the Night,

    The Moon has decided to bless her werewolf children with some amazing microevents! From Thursday, 15.08 (18:00) until Friday 16.08 (06:00) the following microevents will be running on ALL our servers and for ALL werewolves:

    +100% AP

    +50% AP Regeneration

    +100% Gold reward in Graveyard

    +50% experience in grotto (Old BiteFight)

    +50% experience in Demon Hunt (New BiteFight)

    -35% Hellstone Item Costs

    -35% Hellstone Potions Cost

    -35% Hellstone cost in Voodoo Shop

    As mentioned this event is only for werewolves. If you are a vampire don't worry, you are immortal, you can wait for the Moon to bless you too! :P

    Have fun playing!

    Your BiteFight Team.


    ~ Why don't we whisper pretty lies? ~