• HELLO I would like to know a little bit more about the seals ,like i know you must have all of them to open the underworld all that good stuff ,but if you have one is there a time on it if you dont use it that it just goes away ???



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    When you have a seal before active it, click on it there will show effect of seal and data that you can summon the next seal..if not active it, won't be just go away but still can be loot by enemies:)


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    Seals can be activated and then they will disappear within a few days. However, if you do not activate them, they still only last so long before they will expire. It is an incentive to gather the other seals within a certain time frame so the participating clan can open the gates of the underworld. The entire time you are holding a seal other clans can take them from you. Opening the Gates of the Underworld is meant to be a challenge that requires team effort for any participating clan.