Hideout treasure chests

  • Hey i have i question about the treasure chests in the hideout, they are two small and big, They are working together or no? I mean if i have the both chests, small 1 milion, big 5 milion, they are gona keep 6 milion or ?:rolleyes:

  • Hello Set.

    Copied from Hideout:

    Treasure Chest: You can save a portion of your gold from your enemies in the Treasure Chest. A full day`s pay (level-dependant) is protected and can`t be pillaged.

    Royal Chest: In the royal chest you can protect part of your looted Gold from your enemies. If you are attacked by an enemy, then 4 days` pay (depending on your level) will definitely be safe in your royal chest. The royal chest works in addition to the treasure chest

    So if you have active both chest they add up together the gold of both chests in total. As in your example small chest (1 million) + royal chest (5 millions) = they both work together and keep save 6 millions gold. :)

    All for one and one for all!