Movies You saw lately!

  • List any of the movies you have seen ether on TV, Computer or on the big screen. List the names of the movies & if you liked them. Only list movies you saw within the last few days & not every movie you ever say over your whole life. List also when you saw them.

    I saw the Avengers: Infinite war, Hotel Transylvania 2 & the Foreigner. I liked them all.

    Avenger: Infinite War on 1/21/2019

    Hotel Transylvania 2 & the Foreigner on 1/22/2019

    This is EVIL!:evil::evil::evil:


  • I watched Dumbo some weeks ago, Tim Burton's film. It was beautiful, I almost cry ;(


    ~A un gran corazón, ninguna ingratitud lo cierra, ninguna indiferencia lo cansa~

  • 200 Pounds Beauty (2006) - two weaks ago


    Gintama 2003-2019 ;(

    Most kezdődött a '20-as évtized, de már rühellem. Mi van a filmekkel, zenékkel, mangákkal és animékkel? Az előző évtized elején hagyták a jó ízlést?!

    WARNING!!! Brainless manga-freak and crazy sh*tpost maker 8)

  • I have seen lots of TV episodes and movies.


    Twilight Series.

    Harry Potter series.

    Chronicles of Narnia.

    And TV shows:

    Criminal minds.

    Law and order.

    Chicago pd.

    And the list goes on. Now they are mostly on re-runs. And I got tired of seeing them. Hence, which is why cop series do not stress me out that much. Or tv shows. I have seen lifetime movies as well too. Shows about survival etc. I am a nerd. lol.