[SUMMER CONTEST] Water balloons battle!

  • HUNGRY throws a announcement_gladiatus_tw_c9fd3fa5e61d212410c41f6001339eb6.png at -ZEUS-!




    Purple: 16

    Blue: 18

    Φέρτε μας τον τρελογιατρό να δούμε τι θα γίνει,να τον τρελάνουμε κι'αυτόν λαίμαργος να γίνει.

  • jeandarc throws a announcement_gladiatus_tw_50dfd3f66fa055f5f15e37a25f25e14a.png to-ZEUS- !

    Yellow: 9

    Red: 9

    Green: 8

    Purple: 9

    Blue: 9

    Ό,τι κάνουμε στο παρόν επηρεάζει το μέλλον ως συνέπεια

    και το παρελθόν ως λύτρωση.

    Paulo Coelho

  • Dear spammers!

    The contest is over. I'd like to thank you all for participating and throwing lots of balloons!

    More information / details and the winners will be announced soon.

    Your Bitefight Team


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  • Listen up, dear spammers!

    First of all, I'd like to thank you all once more. It's been a pleasure to see you playing hard! I hope you liked the contest and you had fun! :P

    After saying that... here's the ranking!


    announcement_gladiatus_tw_84e0278d0e299f4638f6e24332fe685e.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_c9fd3fa5e61d212410c41f6001339eb6.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_50dfd3f66fa055f5f15e37a25f25e14a.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_eb9ec4beb7f8061c3138e4194801175f.png announcement_gladiatus_tw_80416561f1b6cdf09008d84587257c4f.png
    1 point 5 points 3 points 2 points 4 points

    The winners are:

    1. HUNGRY

    2. -ZEUS-


    What's next?

    • From now, you will have only three (3) days to request a review if needed.
    • Keep in mind that some posts were deleted due to spam / double post.
    • After these three days the prizes will be delivered to the winners mentioned above. (Delivering date: 17.08.2018)
    • Open a new conversation by clicking here to contact me.

    Your bitefight Team


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  • Dear spammers!

    The prizes have been delivered to the winners! Enjoy them :*

    Thank you all for participating!




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