Vampirsegen Event lässt auf sich warten.. .

  • From what I heard you have agreement on the table because vampire side proposed it.

    You heard it wrong.

    Seems like your own buddies are hiding things from you, or something? Or are you simply a liar? So, what is it going to be: are you a liar, or do your friends not tell you everything?

    Let me explain to you. The agreement was finalized, we accepted most, if not all, of your terms. I even put it in a readable format, the person from your side I negotiated it liked it, and that was it.

    It looked like we finally moved somewhere, but then someone from your side started complicating things regarding point 11, which was completely trivial. I suggested you to make a reasonable corrections if you don't like it, and since then, we haven't heard from your side anymore.

    Here we go Fighter - you anonymous liar:

    It's somehow sad how you're always the first to talk crap around and you don't even know what's going on in your own clan. We are still waiting resonable correction of a suggested part you don't like.


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  • So now we stop here then we are in the german section so write german here (and also follow the topic we have in the fist post) i don´t nedd any off topic here.

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